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Gear Locks

Due to increasing cases of Car Theft, people are looking for more safety equipments. Nothing guarantees your car won’t be robbed, but you can improve car security without spending huge money. So GEAR LOCK (Mechanical Immobilizer) is one of the best device to protect your car from theft. It provides utmost protection from the danger of theft. Gear Lock can lock the gear of the car, so that theif can’t change it, so making it very difficult to drive. It locks the gear stick of car which protects it from theft. They have highly visual appearance, which helps in protecting your car as anyone trying to steel the car would have to spend bit more time to destroy/break the same, so they usually avoid such cars.

Main advantages of Gear Lock are:
1. They are Mechanical Immobilizers

as there is no concern with the electronic part of the car.
2. These are easy to operate (lock and unlock) gear.
3. Crafted from tough materials that resist cutting or tampering.
4. They are fitted with Special tamper-proof nuts for lock attachment.
5. It can shackle the lock even without the key.
6. They have different keys other than car door key, so giving it extra protection.
7. They are High precision beyond duplication key and are Maintenance-free mechanism.
8. Fits the majority of automatic and manual vehicles.
9. It cannot be penetrated by any chisel, drill, bolt cutter, or steel saw.

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