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Cruise Control

Cruise control improves your comfort while driving.

You can comfortably take long road trips, or drive distances over 60 kph without putting strain on your legs through having to hold your foot in a set position for extended periods to manually control the gas pedal and speed.

With cruise control activated , you can sit back, relax your right leg, and steer your vehicle.When you need to slow down or stop , simply tap the brakes to deactivate.

Cruise control gives you better control over your speed.

If you’re one who’s heavy on the gas pedal , or has a habit of speeding – the cruise control feature can be your best friend . Activate this feature to maintain the speed limit, and avoid these expensive speeding tickets.It also prevents you from creeping over the speed limit accidently.

When the speed limits change , you can easily adjust your cruise control settings to match.

Cruise control can improve your fuel consumption.

Keeping your driving speeds steady can help you save money on fill-ups. Most drivers are fairly inconsistent at maintaining a given speed, instead creeping up and drifting down as you drive along a road as you manually adjust relative to the speed limit and road conditions such as hills.

Accelerating and braking continuously will use considerably more fuel than maintaining a set speed.

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